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Cato Chief Fire Extinguisher Cabinets feature body and frame injection molded of red or white virgin high-impact crystal polystyrene of .110 wall thickness, chromium plated brass cylinder lock, and key with weather-proof protective lock cover and polypropylene plastic injected molded hammer with brass impact surface, flexible torsion, ribbed grip surface and clear nylon-jacketed type 304 stainless steel mechanical cable.



Available in red or white. All cabinets come with clear scored panel, break hammer, frame and lock. Cabinet inside dimensions are shown.


• Cylinder lock with key
• Red injection molded plastic hammer with flexible torsion and ribbed grip
• Stainless steel clear nylon jacketed
mechanical cable
• Grid-scored, UV-resistant break panel for improved emergency access
• UV-resistant labels.
• Protective frame
• Lower maintenance cost

CATO Chief Cabinet for 2-1/2 and 5 lb. extinguishers. Fits the following manufacturer extinguishers:
Amerex: 2.5, 5 lb. dry chem
Ansul: 2.5 lb dry chem
Strike First: 2.5, 5 lb. dry chem
Badger Adv: 2.5, 4 lb. dry chem


Cato Chief Fire Extinguisher Cabinets


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