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Our approach is unique, we simply value convenience and proficiency. As one of the few mobile fire protection service and safety programs in Ontario, we have the ability to adapt to your needs. In addition, we are proud to offer the most competitive costs for quality service while achieving compliance with NFPA, Fire Code, Insurance requirements and associated Standards. 

"We deliver comprehensive service but also aim to develop reliability, trust, honesty, and loyalty."


​Alphateam Fire and Safety Inc., a dedicated team of professionals who prioritize fire and life safety as the base of who we are. As former Canadian Forces service members, our drive to protect while maintaining a high level of professionalism are attributes that remain personal and consistent with our team. While providing service throughout Southern Ontario, we protect with pride.​

We're truly here to help and pride ourselves in providing competitive, cost-effective and affordable Fire Protection for fire and life safety equipment throughout Residential, Commercial and Industrial facilities. 


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