This indoor/outdoor unique polycarbonate cover helps stop false fire alarms without restricting legitimate operation of pull stations. It protects devices such as dual action pull stations, keypads for entry systems, intercom stations, emergency buttons, electrical light switches or duplex plugs, etc. The strong, durable construction takes the toughest knocks while it guards against accidental or intentional physical damage.  This Universal Stopper is clear with a red message hood, custom label and clear enclosed flush back box. Other mounting options include a flush mount, surface mount or a waterproof Type 4X enclosed back box. The cover is also available with a horn housing or message hood. The Universal Stopper is designed to comply with ADA and is less than 4 inches in depth. Universal Stopper has the same footprint as the Mini Stopper®, but has a larger interior and can accommodate most dual action pull stations.




• Indoor/outdoor cover protects against vandalism and accidental damage
• Protects pull stations, keypads, intercom stations, emergency buttons, electrical light switches, duplex plugs, etc
• Cover is molded from thick, tough polycarbonate material
• Sized to fit most pull stations
• Includes a clear enclosed flush back box
• High strength continuous hinge
• Low profile - ADA Compliant
• UV-stabilized to keep cover clear
• Typical working properties of polycarbonate are -40° to 250°F (-40° to 121°C)


Universal Indoor/Outdoor Protector w/out Horn, Surface Mount