These refurbished fire extinguishers have been thoroughly inspected and recertified by our licensed technicians and are ready for placement in residential, commercial and industrial setting. 


Product Includes:

  •  New Annual Certification Tag
  • Verification Collar
  • Service Labels
  • Safety Tamper and Pin
  • Wall Bracket


Why buy a refurbished fire extinguisher?


The simplest answer is price. They are much less expensive than new devices without compromising safety or quality.  In addition, eco-friendly, purchasing a refurbished fire extinguisher helps to reduce landfill waste by restarting the life cycle of the extinguisher.  Alpha Team Fire and Safety Inc. has licenced and certified Fire Extinguisher technicians approved to perform recertification, maintenance and inspections.


NOTE: Never buy a used/refurbished fire extinguisher without having it first inspected by a certified fire protection technician. Every 6 or 12 years each extinguisher must receive service or hydro-test to maintain compliance. If you buy an extinguisher from someone other than a licensed shop, you run the risk of not having a working one when a fire is present.


Local shipping only, please contact directly to place order.


Recertified Fire Extinguishers